Dog Shows & Events

Interesting talks, workshops, fun days, dog shows and more!

PAWS 4 FUN at YOUR Event

We are always delighted to discuss holding dog-related activities, such as a fun dog show, agility demonstration or workshop within external events.

Increased Attendance

A professionally run dog element to your country fair or open-day always provides a popular draw to both dog owners and the British dog-loving general public.

Great Fun Dog Shows – Our Speciality

There is more than meets the eye to organising and running a smooth, fair and well-paced dog show, even a fun one!

PAWS 4 FUN is highly experienced at arranging enjoyable and memorable fun dog shows of any size, which quickly becomes a key attraction at any outdoor event.

We can arrange prize classes and rosettes, have our own gazebo/tables, materials, etc. and plenty of volunteers who can run activities with as much or little input from the host event as required. Fun dog shows are always judged independently by a competent person, usually known by, but not connected with PAWS 4 FUN.

Additional Income

As well as extra revenue from general increased attendance, including incremental admission fees and more stall spend, a dog show can also directly generate additional income from class entrance fees.

All proceeds after expenses, are provided back to the main event organising committee to distribute their chosen good causes or donated directly to one or more jointly agreed charities.

Contact Us Early

If you are interested in having PAWS 4 FUN involved in your event, please contact us well before the event. Ideally we should be planning the event at least 6 months in advance to ensure there are no calendar clashes and all the required people and resources are available.